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When is Home Health Care Needed?

Care at home may be appropriate for a patient who has experienced an illness, hospitalization or surgery, which requires recovery or healing, or who has a new health care diagnosis that calls for a change in daily lifestyle.

Some key indicators that may determine eligibility:

  • Assistance required when walking
  • Recent or scheduled surgery
  • Frequent falls
  • Changes in several medications
  • Multiple visits to the ER or admission to the hospital
  • Unintentional weight loss
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Poorly controlled pain
  • Assistance required leaving the home due to a medical condition
  • Anxiety or psychological challenges due to immobility or changes in condition
  • Daily wound care or treatments
  • Multiple diseases or recent diagnoses that limit the ability to leave the home
  • On oxygen
  • Nutritional or fluid assessment needs or management
  • Infection that complicates the wound-healing process
  • Advanced neurological disease
  • Limits on physical mobility due to stroke or general weakness
  • Chronic illness with periods of instability
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