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A Message from a Heartland Home Health Care Fan

“A year and a half ago I was living at my daughter Nancy’s house while I was under the care of Heartland Home Health. Elizabeth, my Heartland nurse, was becoming concerned about my weight as it approached 257 lbs. One day she looked at me and gently explained, ‘Cliff, I understand that you just lost your wife and how difficult that is for you, please remember that you still have your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren who all worship you. I am concerned about your weight. Now we are going to do something about it.’ From that day on, Elizabeth had me keep a daily journal to record everything that I ate, the calories I consumed and any physical activities I’ve done. I write notes and poems in this journal and the Heartland nurses that visit write back giving me suggestions or praises for what I am doing.”

“These nurses have always taken good care of me. In fact they have saved my life, several times. Heartland Home Health care is the only company that I want to take care of me!” One day when Clifford’s blood sugar was low when she arrived, Elizabeth had him eat and checked that his blood sugar returned to normal. As a follow-up later that day, she texted and called Clifford. When he didn’t respond, she returned to the home to find him unconscious, and called EMS. “The doctors said another hour and I would have been gone. These nurses never stop taking care of you 24/7!”


Clifford Conway

Heartland Home Health Care Patient, 2016

Vietnam Veteran, Father of 5, Grandfather of 23,

Great grandfather of 24, Great-great grandfather of 5

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